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Italian Language & Culture Dinner Club


Wednesday, March 18th
7:00 P.M.
Communal Dining - Family-Sytle Service

Guest Host/Hostess

Rosalinda Mannetta

Each month there will be an Italian guest host/hostess, who will share their knowledge of Italian lifestyle, language and art. We kick off this month featuring Rosalinda Mannetta, a first generation American Italian. She spoke Italian before she spoke English. Her parents were from two different regions in Italy, Calabria and Avellino. Read more about Rosalinda below.

About the Dinner

If you are an Italophile, a lover of all things Italian, this dinner is a must do. Come practice your Italian language skills, share your Italian travel stories and more. Chef Crouse will create fabulous Italian dishes, family-style, for all to enjoy. Everyone is invited, you don't have to speak Italian - just love everything Italian.

Food, Wine and New Friends

Family Style Dinner

Antipasto Misto
Prosciutto with Grilled Vegetables
Fresh Mozzarella
Bresoala with Grapefruit

Lemon Tarragon Fettucini with Shrimp

Roasted Leg of Lamb

Zeppole with a Honey & Lemon Sauce

......and with whatever looks good at the markets that day

$55.00 per person*
(pricing includes food, non-alcoholic beverages, wine, tax and gratuity)
Seating is communal

Reservations are required - Call 410 625 0534 or e-mail Monika at

More about Rosalinda

At age 4, she was fortunate enough to begin enjoying every other summer in Italy where we would spend 5 weeks in the picturesque countryside and mountain villages of Avellino, while day-tripping in Pompeii, Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi coast. Then travel to Rome, Genoa, Pisa, Livorno, Venice, Florence, Rovereto, Trento, and Sicily, etc. visiting other friends and relatives and sight-seeing. This extended dream holiday would conclude with 5 weeks at her mother's beautiful Calabrian seaside hometown enjoying the white-pebbled beach and Ionian Sea. As she got older, she began to appreciate the melodic dialects and spent many afternoons befriending the elders in the piazzas to slowly learn a little of their particular dialects, which to this day still fascinate me. I was also fortunate enough, thanks to my language skills, to live and work overseas for several years with the U.S. Government as a translator.

Rosalinda now enjoys teaching a few Italian classes to adults both here in Baltimore and in Annapolis through the Oreste Pandola Learning Center located at 914 Stiles Street in Little Italy, in the former St. Leo's Elementary School. In addition to language classes, many other affordable courses are offered which include cooking, baking, art, wine and liqueur making, etc. Classes run for about 8 weeks on either Thursday evenings from 7-9pm or Saturday mornings or afternoons from 1-3pm. Some pasta and bread making or wine and olive-oil history classes are only a 1 class event for a minimal fee. For information on courses or to register you may visit on-line at

Giving Back

Two years ago with the full support of Fr. Michael Salerno, Nino Germano, Maria Serafini, and Rosalinda, the St. Leo's Little Italy "Hands and Hearts" Outreach Ministry was established. They have a Tuesday Homeless Feeding, as well as numerous other volunteer projects. All donations, no matter how small or how great, are deeply appreciated and can be made in honor of or in memory of a loved one, to either Friday Outreach, Hands&Hearts, or both. All are welcome to attend our meetings held every 2nd Sunday of each month after the 11:30am Mass in the St. Leo's Church Hall at 229 South Exeter Street at the corner of Stiles and Exeter streets. We usually have a pot-luck dinner and meeting. Please join our group. You can give as little or as much of yourself as you choose. Everyone is appreciated. Our website is:

*no other promotions or discounts are applicable to this event.

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