Saturday, March 28, 2009

April's Italian Language Dinner with Guest Host

Italian Language & Culture Dinner Club
Wednesday, April 22, 2009 ~ 7 p.m.
$55 per person
(all inclusive: food, wine, tax and gratuity)

Guest Hostess
Dr. Loredana Petrucci

Each month we will endeavor to bring in an Italian guest host/hostess to enlighten and enhance our gathering honoring all things Italian. We encourage those who speak Italian to refresh and use their language skills though it is far from being a prerequisite for the dinner, there is still plenty of English spoken. If you love all things Italian, the food, the culture, the art and lifestyle then you should come and enjoy the whole experience.

Chef Bill Crouse always puts out so much food – abbondanza! Here is a selection of the dishes for the evening and who knows what else that might move the chef that day at the market:

Fritto Misto
Lamb Meatballs
Grilled Radicchio Salad with Anchovy-Lemon Dressing
Linguine with Fennel, Currants, Parsley and Olive Oil
Mushroom Gnudi with Gruyere Fondue
Grilled Whole Red Snapper
Sous Vide Lamb Shoulder
Panna Cotta

We all sit at a communal table, food is served family-style and there is wine for everyone.

Call for reservations - 410-625-0534 - Let us know you are coming for the Italian language gathering

About our Guest Hostess
Loredana Petrucci

Dr. Loredana Petrucci states proudly that she is 100% Italian. Her mother is from Davoli, Calabria, a very exotic Italian beach town in Southern Italy. The people and cuisine there are fantastic. Loredana states it is one of the best beaches she has visited in Italy.

Her father is from a small town near Rome, it is called Castelliri. It is famous for its waterfalls and country living. Also, it is nestled approximately one hour from the historic sites of Rome...a real treat! Her father’s family is known for making homemade prosciutto and specializes in wine. Her mother’s side of the family in Calabria specializes in homemade goodies as well, primarily cured meats and cheeses.

She currently lives in Canton-Highlandtown area of the city. A graduate of Loyola College, Loredana has a doctorate degree in Clinical psychology. Loredana says, “I love people. And, I love to experience family-style dinners; it was how I was raised and what I love.”

She currently works as a Wellness Director and personal trainer at the Merrit Athletic Club. Loredana teaches health and fitness to children at a local city middle school.

We hope you will join us.

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