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Italian Home Cooking with Daniela-Tuesday Evenings

Tuesday Evening’s
Italian Home Cooking with Daniela
Inaugural Dinner
Tuesday, May 6th


Let me introduce myself, I am Daniela Useli and I want to share with you the traditional foods of my Italy and my home, Sardinia, where meals are prepared with simple and locally-grown, fresh ingredients.

As a child, I would spend much time in the kitchen with my mother, a culinary artist in her own right, as she prepared wonderful meals and beautiful, delicious pastries. I learned at my mother’s apron strings and she at her mother’s apron strings and so on, this way the traditional Sardinian and family recipes continue to live.

My Passion

It has been many years since my 8th birthday when I was given my first recipe book, even then, at such an early age, my passion for cooking was apparent. I have prepared all the recipes in that treasured book, many times over and the pages are well-worn with love.

There is no greater joy then to have family and friends alike to my table and see their eyes close and their head nod upon the first bite. I revel in throwing parties and I have been known to have up to 100 guests. For these types of occasions, I will be in the kitchen from early dawn and through the night preparing, with love, the foods of my home country.

An Idea is Born

Any cook worth their salt, continues to work and refine their recipes whether a pinch more of this or a little less of that and I too was doing the same with my Spinach Lasagna. The results of this recipe have been unanimous among our best friends, Alberto, Nancy, Jim, Marilu and Massimo: it is a delicate, light, fabulous dish. At that point, I thought it could be time to submit my creativity to the attention of restaurants and my friend Alberto agreed and wrote to Riccardo Bosio at Sotto Sopra.

When Riccardo replied saying that he was really willing to give my recipes a try, I was shocked and started immediately to organize myself for making the best food out from my recipes. That night, I only slept three hours. When Riccardo tasted my hand-made pastries and my famous Spinach Lasagna he told me I had to cook for him.

My initial idea of selling pans of lasagna has grown to cooking for you, one night a week, every Tuesday evening at my favorite restaurant, Sotto Sopra. Please accept my invitation to my Italian table - my menu for this coming Tuesday is listed below.

Buon Appetito!


Daniela’s Traditional Italian 3-Course Dinner
Tuesday, May 6th ~
Open Reservations

To celebrate Daniela’s first Traditional Italian Dinner at Sotto Sopra, this dinner will have four (4) courses instead of three (3) and a complimentary glass of Prosecco for $35.00. Bookmark this LINK to Sotto Sopra’s Blog where we will update Daniela’s weekly menu.

For those of you who like a contemporary Italian menu we will be offering our Sotto Sopra ‘Spring Dinner’ dinner menu as well.

Everyone should taste the love and passion that is in Daniela’s food. This is the heart of what Italy is all about and we are excited to be able to offer you Daniela’s rustic and home styled cuisine

Tuesday, May 6th
Daniela’s Menu


Funghi Trifolati
Delicious hand-made “pasta brise” bowls filled with portabella mushroom cooked to perfection in a sauce of Vernaccia wine, smoked pancetta, Italian parsley, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic and extra virgin olive oil

Il Primo

Lasagne Verdi
One of Daniela's newest Sardinian recipes, this hand-made spinach lasagna will melt in your mouth with the delicate combination of prosciutto, fresh ground nutmeg, mozzarella, cream and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese

Il Secondo

Roast Beef
The beef is slow roasted on a bed of rosemary, smoked pancetta, fresh ground black pepper and dry white wine. This lean cut roast beef will surprise you with its tenderness and flavorful taste.

Il Dolce

Panna Cotta
Made from slow-cooked dairy cream this light, silky eggless custard is a traditional Italian dessert and will be topped with a raspberry sauce

$35.00* per person with a complimentary glass of Prosecco
(excludes all other beverages, tax and gratuity)

Reservations Requested - Call 410 625 0534

*promotions and discount do not apply to this dinner

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