Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Was Chef-for-the-Day
Patti Chan Talks About Her Day in the Kitchen at Sotto Sopra

Patti said, "I had an amazing time! I was impressed by how calm and quiet the kitchen was, even when things got busy. Chef Crouse was an absolute pleasure to work with - obviously passionate about what he does. My favorite on our menu was the rabbit tortellini. Besides hand-making 250 of them, they also ended up being the crowd favorite! There were quite a few people nervous about trying rabbit for the first time, but they all left loving it, which is what I had hoped would happen. My favorite part of the night was plating some of the desserts, because it went straight from me to the diners. I can see how a chef would get hooked on that experience."

Feel free to check out the video (it is a little dark) and photographs from Patti's day as chef. Click HERE.

Gift Certificates for Chef-for-the-Day are available for your special "foodie" in you life. Give Monika a call at 410.625.0534. For more details on our Chef-for-the-Day program click HERE.

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