Monday, January 04, 2010

I couldn't wait for Restaurant Week

Hi, my name is Amelia and my papa and mama own Sotto Sopra Restaurant. Well I guess I'm part owner now as well. Mama (Monika) was baking biscotti for my baby shower and I decided right then and there I couldn't wait. So mama left the restaurant, went to the hospital and missed my shower. Papa (Riccardo) thinks I might be the next Julia Child because mama was in the kitchen.

I'm early, I was suppose to arrive the end of January, during Restaurant Week. Honestly I wanted to be able to have quality down time with my parents. As you can see I have all ten fingers and I can assure you I have all 10 toes. My mama is so pretty don't you think.
I need my beauty sleep so, hello world, I'm baby Amelia Bosio, Monika and Riccardo's first bambino and the best!!!!

I know you want my vital statistics so here they are:

I came into the world January 4th 2010 at 2.01 am and I weigh 6.88 LB. and I'm 19 1/2 inches. Papa says thank you God for giving us a healthy baby

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