Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Charles Theater: Celebrating the life of Luciano Pavarotti

Showtimes at the Charles Theater:

Staring Placido Domingo,Sting,Angela Gheorghiu, Andrea Bocelli, Cynthia Lawrence and Sherrill Mines, Flutist Andrea Griminelli Jovanotti and Laura Pausini, Thirteen year old violin sensation Aleem Kandour and Italian rock star Zucchero.

"Salute Petra" is a wonderful charity tribute concert to the late Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti. This event was presented on October 12th 2008, Pavarotti's birthday, in front of an exclusive invited audience of royalty, classical and popular music stars at the world heritage site Petra, Jordan. The combination of inimitable and mesmerizing settings with performances from some of the world's most respected and revered musicians made it one of the musical events of the decade.

The performance was set against a breathtaking natural amphitheatre and featured Placido Domingo and José Carreras, who famously performed with Pavarotti as the Three Tenors for more than 17 years; Domingo and Carreras sang together for the first time since Pavoratti's passing. This extraordinary event also featured performances by Sting, Angela Gheorghiu, Andrea Bocelli, Cynthia Lawrence and Sherrill Milnes, flutist Andrea Griminelli, Jovanotti and Laura Pausini, and thirteen year old violin sensation Aleem Kandour. Italian rock star Zucchero performed 'Misere' as a duet with Pavarotti on screen. The sublime Prague Philharmonic Orchestra served accompanied all the stars.

Here is an interesting duet: Freddie Mercury & Luciano Pavarotti singing Too Much Love Will Kill You

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