Saturday, May 16, 2009

Michael Piatak's Chef-for-the-Day Dinner

Michael Piatak
4 Course Dinner

Wednesday, May 20th
accepting reservations from 5:30 p.m. through 9 p.m.

We hope you will join us at Sotto Sopra Restaurant for Michael Piatak’s chef debut under the tutelage of our Executive Chef Bill Crouse. Mike Piatak is a teacher here in Baltimore who one day long ago dreamed of going to culinary school. Then he saw how much it would cost and decided on another field. He told himself that he loved food and cooking so much, he wouldn't want to ruin his passion by making it a job, so it remained a hobby.Mike cooks almost every day, as his work schedule has him home by 3:15 with plenty of time before his girlfriend comes home to prepare dinner for her (Jaclyn works for the federal government, so she deserves a timely and delicious meal).

Mike enjoys big, bold flavors and tries to add a twist to the normal carnivorous meals he would eat if he were preparing meals for only himself. He likes to experiment, but a physically and emotionally draining career makes it a bit difficult, so he saves his ideas for weekends. His favorite time in the kitchen is during the winter on a Sunday when he and Jaclyn can spend a good chunk of the day preparing a meal that he will try not to wolf down too quickly.

Michael Piatak’s Menu

1st Course
Grilled Stuffed Squid
with capers, oregano, lemon, bread crumbs and tomato coulis

2nd Course
Pork Cheek Ravioli
with Indian influenced spices, sweet potato puree, pork jus

3rd Course
BBQ Grilled Scallop
Prosciutto-wrapped teres major (beef)
with grilled vegetables

4th Course
Poached apple with granola crust and vanilla gelato

$45 per person

(excludes beverages, tax and gratuity)

Reservations are highly suggested. Call 410 625 0534 and advise them you want reservations for the chef-for-the-day dinner.

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