Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weekly Specials - April 13th through April 16th

Wednesday, April 13th through Saturday, April 16th

We are bringing in beautiful pure bread Elysian lamb from Pennsylvania - 60 pounds for your dining pleasure.  Also on our special menu you will find a beet and zucchini carpaccio with house-made gravlax and a wild board stew with chestnut fettuccine.  

Check out our other specials for the week below:

       Applewood-Smoked Tomato Bisque
 smoked bacon, aged cheddar, brioche crouton, sage brown butter 11

Artichoke Bisque
 smoked lobster/ naval orange salad/ sage butter 13

Spring Rabbit Minestrone
 spring peas/ morels/ Swiss chard/ Parmesan broth 12

The Ultimate Crostino from Heaven!
Vin Santo marinated chicken liver mousse/ house-made Moscovy duck pastrami 16

Head-on Tiger Shrimp
 sautéed avocado/guacamole/ pico de gallo alla William 13

Quail Under a Brick
 chorizo/dates/ fennel/ tangerine/ rhubarb vinaigrette/ arugula/ gorgonzola 15

Flat Bread
 candied chestnuts/ sage/manchego cheese/ Clementines 14

Burrata in Insalata
 Fresh Burrata from Puglia, Italy/ one of the best cheeses of Italy/ field greens 13
Prosciutto San Daniele DOP
“The Ferrari” of Italian prosciutto / aged 22 months/ artichokes/ tuscan bread 17

    Sardine Fritte Con Crescione e Salsa Tartara
 Portuguese sardines/fried/ sautéed watercress/ tartar aioli 14

Spring Lamb Tartare
 quail egg/ pain brioche/ garlic aioli 12


Fresh Ricotta Gnocchi
 lamb ragu/ dill crème fraiche  24

Homemade Cheese Tortelli
 royal trumpet mushroom truffle butter / rutabaga pear sauce / basil oil 25

Crispy Home-made Pastrami Spiced Duck Breast/ Rye Risotto
tender cabbage/ baby carrots/ pea tendrils/ gribiche/ caraway juice 24

Tomato Risotto
 branzino roll/ pesto sauce 26

Risotto tartufato ai funghi con Ossobuco
 wild mushroom/ truffle risotto / Ossobuco Milanese 38

Risotto Tartufato ai Funghi con Gamba D’anatra
 wild mushroom/ truffle risotto / duck leg confit 32


Pan-seared Wild Chilean Salmon
 olive fregola sarda/ melting red onions/ lobster tangerine essence 29

Pan-Seared Halibut
 mustard smoked cream/ arugola pesto/ pumpkin lasagna/ asparagus 32


European Branzino 1.5 lb  34
 with sides add  6

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