Saturday, November 28, 2009

This is what Sotto Sopra is all about

We recently received an email from David and Kimberly Gula about their experience in Sotto Sopra. The letter reflects what we strive for here at Sotto Sopra, a wonderful experience for our guests. The fact that David and Kimberly took the time to write this letter was greatly appreciated, to express that their evening was memorable and joyous - thank you to them for sharing.

On Thursday November 19th, my wife Kimberly and I were celebrating our13th anniversary. Your restaurant has always been one of our favorites.We make it a point to dine at your establishment at least 8 times a year in addition to celebrating special events. We have never been disappointed. We always leave raving about the chefs/food, service,atmosphere, friendliness and your commitment to excellence!The attention to the smallest details mean so much to us. One example is the size opening of the glasses you serve your wine in! They allow the wine to breathe.

We arrived and were warmly greeted at the door. On this particular evening my wife and I felt somewhat "chatty", so we decided to sit at the bar. Derek was bartending that evening and made us feel right at home. The choices on your menu are always a dilemma because everything is fantastic. We asked Derek about several choices we had in mind. It was refreshing that he didn't try to dictate what we should order nor try to push a particular item. He simply gave us his thoughts about what we were contemplating. We ordered several items, and like the 30 times before during the past 4 years - every choice was a joy! A place like yours means so much to us because we are the type of people that would rather spend our money going out once a month to a wonderful restaurant, rather than going out more often to places that are only average.

Derek mentioned to us he had affiliations with Chicago. We love Chicago, and talked about its culture, history and food for a short period. In the course of the conversation we did mention it was our anniversary. The next thing you know we had a glass of wonderful house wine comped. The people that select your "house wines" should be commended. In addition to Derek, there was also an employee who is petit and had blond hair. It's a shame we can't remember her name because we've seen her many times, she is always friendly and attentive. Derek must have mentioned it was our anniversary and at the end of the evening she brought us over a couple of samplings of champagne.

The point of this story is that as customers we interact with very few of the staff, and the experience we take away with us is based off of those interactions. The reasons those interactions are so important is that your employees would not be allowed to do these things that made our evening so delightful unless owners and management promoted this philosophy. It is obvious to us that the practices you are putting into place regarding customer satisfaction will translate into a business that will last generations.

You can count on my wife and I supporting your restaurant in the coming years. In addition, when we have guests visit, we will be promoting your restaurant as the place to go.

Our thanks to all the people that made our anniversary dinner so memorable

David and Kimberly

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