Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Carnivore's Delight - Meet the Butcher Demo and Dinner

Carnivore’s Delight
Tuesday, March  21 2017
25 Seats Only
Event starts 6PM / Ends approximately 7:30PM

Guaranteed Reservations – Contact Dara Bunjon / sottosoprarestaurant@hotmail.com 

We hope you carnivores can join us for a very special evening, exclusive with only 25 seats to be had. Grab your spot for an evening with the founder of Fells Point Meats, Erik Oosterwijk, who will inform you on various trending cuts of meats and his favorites.  We will grill the meats for all to enjoy, I’ll throw in a couple glasses of wine – no one will walk away hungry that is for sure. 

Rising commodity prices, particularly for beef, and a general sense of culinary adventure, are opening the door in terms of both supply and demand for relatively new or less frequently utilized cuts of meat, such as the teres major, or shoulder tender.

Sotto Sopra’s owner/chef Riccardo Bosio reflects, “Erik has been my butcher since I, as a young chef, landed in America over 20 years ago.” Erik Oosterwijk was born and raised in Holland.  He grew up in his Dad’s butcher shop, watching the professionals at work.  Erik knew from age 12 that he wanted to be a butcher.  That was truly the only thing he wanted to do – it was his real passion and still is, to this day.  He later attended butcher trade school in Holland where he would hone his skills. He eventually immigrated to the United States in 1982, at 20 years old to work for a meat wholesaler in Washington, DC.

In 1988, Erik opened the Fells Point Meat Market, a small butcher shop in a 300 sq ft space in Baltimore’s historic Broadway Market.  In 1991 he was recognized as the “Best Butcher” in Baltimore (City Paper, “the Best of Baltimore”, 1991) In 1993, Leo Pruissen, also a skilled butcher from Holland, later came on board as Erik’s partner, combining their talents and exceptional craft for meat cutting.  (Leo and Erik met when they were both working for the food wholesaler in DC.)

Erik and Leo later expanded the business from a small retail shop to a full service wholesale meat business.  As experienced butchers and ambitious businessmen, Erik and Leo established Fells Point Wholesale Meats. Rapid growth and a thriving restaurant trade created the need for more room with Fells Point Wholesale Meats expanding to locations in Little Italy, then Carroll Camden and now Morell Park in Southwest Baltimore with a modern, state of the art 50,000 sq foot production facility. Fells Point Wholesale Meats has flourished with Erik and Leo becoming well known in Baltimore, Washington DC and Virginia for the quality of their meats, the custom cuts they produce, and the dedication to their craft.

Today, Erik and Leo continue to oversee every step of their operation.  They have stayed true to their roots training a new generation of butchers, with a blend of modern technology and Old World craftsmanship.  This duo remains dedicated to providing their customers with fresh, custom cut meats and a variety of other food products. Their commitment to quality, service and consistency has never wavered.

$50 per person
class, meat sampling & a couple glasses of wine
(Excludes all other beverages, tax and gratuity)

Guaranteed Reservations: Contact Dara Bunjon sottosoprarestaurant@hotmail.com

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