Thursday, December 15, 2016

Chef For The Day is back!


What's it like to work in a restaurant kitchen? That question can be answered with Sotto Sopra Restaurant's Chef-for-the-Day Program under the tutelage of Executive Chef Riccardo Bosio.

If Executive Chef Riccardo Bosio of Sotto Sopra has been asked once, he has been asked a hundred times about life in a restaurant kitchen by clientele, many of whom are talented home cooks. Proof of this fascination can be found in the success of television's reality kitchen programming: Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen and The Food Network’s Chopped.

Chef Bosio has brought back his own chef reality program at Sotto Sopra Restaurant with Chef-for-the-Day allowing a patron to come work in the restaurant kitchen for a full day. Chef-for-the-Day starts early, is expected to be on their feet all day, maneuver narrow stairwells, work through evening service and will wrap their day in the kitchen with dinner      

Prior to coming into Sotto Sopra's kitchen, Chef Bosio assesses the Chef-for-the-Day's skill level and also offers up an additional challenge of creating a menu promoting them as the Chef-for-the-Day at the restaurant.  

Previous Chefs-for-the-Day have invited friends and family in that evening to partake of the multi-course pre-fix menu that they have prepared.  Sotto Sopra help promote you as Chef-for-the-Day on the blog and in their e-newsletter. Cost for this once in a lifetime experience is $100 – available for direct purchase or as a gift certificate for Chef-for-the-Day.

The Details

WHO:  Contact Executive Chef Riccardo Bosio at 410 625 0534 to discuss your cooking skills and plan a menu.  E mail: rbosio9 @

WHAT:  A day and evening working as a chef in Sotto Sopra’s kitchen

WHERE:  Sotto Sopra Restaurant, 405 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, MD  21201
                                                            410 625 0534

WHEN:  You and Chef Bosio will come up with a date that is mutually agreeable for both of you.

Chef-for-the-Day participants are required to sign a liability release form before working in the kitchen.

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