Wednesday, February 08, 2012

About that Stracotto: Slow cooked stew

Here is a delicious recipe created by Julia della Croce, an Italian food expert and prolific cookbook author.  We thought the slow cooked stew apropos for this time of year.  Here is an excerpt from her blog Forktales with a link to the whole story and her recipe.

After I finished off producer Piero Catalano’s bottle of Suavis, the aged vinegar from Sicily’s desert island (“The Other Face of Balsamic” [December 15 post]), a small flask of Modena aged balsamic vinegar took its place in my cupboard. Unlike the Suavis, a souvenir from my September in Trapani (I drank it as a cordial, an “amen” to the day, blissful thimbleful by thimbleful and it was gone by January), aged Modena balsamico can be more easily replaced. These days, it’s sold in most self-respecting food specialty shops that carry Italian imports. So a generous trickle could be spared for the stew.

Check out the full story and recipe HERE at Julia della Croce's Forktales.

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